Public Storage Facilities, Our Historic Landmarks

Mar 3, 2014 / Ann Griffith

Each of our company-owned Public Storage facilities is unique. Some were built just a few months ago. Others have a rich history as newly restored landmarks, such as Public Storage 3636 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles.

With fine art deco detail, it is one of the best-looking self storage buildings in the country. When the 13-story marvel was opened in 1928 as American Storage, Calvin Coolidge was president, the Ford Model A car was still in production and prohibition was in full force.

At that time, tenants included the Bud Murray School for Stage and Lewis S. Hart Auctioneer. The top floor was the place to be, however. That’s where the Roof Garden ‘nite club de luxe’ featured dancing to the sounds of George Redman’s Famous Roof Garden Orchestra. According to local historians, the Los Angeles Press Club had its offices here and got in trouble for making beer on site. In case you were wondering, this type of behavior is still frowned upon today!

We recently renovated this Public Storage Los Angeles building, repairing damage to the ornate, poured concrete façade and painting it in contrasting colors. The company also added new elevators and more storage spaces to the Los Angeles landmark. See what it looked like before in the photo below.

Public Storage 3636 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles exterior before remodel

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