Paddleboard Storage Ideas

Sep 20, 2019 / Matthew Sanderson

Crossing the glassy water at sunset on a paddleboard is a great way to put the workday behind you as you push farther from shore. But the sport has its downside: the equipment is huge and expensive, way too big to easily fit under a bed or at the back of a crowded closet. Let us help with some expert paddleboard storage tips.

Paddleboards and, their brethren, surfboards, can cost hundreds to over $1,000. Paddle boarding, also called standup paddle boarding, or SUP, also requires paddles that you use to push yourself forward. And while the gear is outdoors when you’re using it, you shouldn’t just leave it in the elements and hope for the best.

“If it’s left outside, the board will deteriorate over time and turn yellow,”; said Hunter Miller, store manager at the original Val Surf, a venerable surf and skate shop near North Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Standup Paddleboard Storage Ideas

If your ceiling isn’t high enough, consider storing your board behind a large couch, suggests Robert Stehlik, owner of a popular surf and paddleboard store in Hawaii.

“Damage happens more often when not in the water but when it’s being moved around,”; says Stehlik, CEO and founder of Blue Planet Surf Shop in Honolulu.

In case you don’t have a huge piece of furniture against a wall or closet that’s big enough, there are other options for paddleboard storage.

“I really like ceiling racks,”; he said. “If you have a place where you can mount it against the ceiling, it’s kind of out of the way.”;

Stehlik likes Cor Surf Racks, an economical storage brand that offers ceiling or wall racks starting at $34.99. If you don’t want to find wall studs and make holes, freestanding racks on wheels are a strong option.

paddleboards on handmade wall rack in Hawaii

You can also go for two- and three-tier wall racks in a garage or other space. Some boarders like T-Rax for a variety of options.

You can even hang your board as art using display racks that can run from just a few bucks, to more for the best-looking wooden wall racks.

“Store it inside somewhere,”; said Miller, store manager at the original Val Surf, a venerable surf and skate shop near North Hollywood, Los Angeles.

SUP board bags are also available, but your board should be completely dry before putting it in a bag and storing.

You can also go for an inflatable board, but it’s not going to be as agile in the water.

surfboards stored vertically inside shop

Storing Your Surfboard

Like paddleboards, surfboards are expensive, but they will last many years with the proper storage and care. A vertical storage rack is one of cheapest options, and can typically store four or five boards. Since surfboards are smaller than the average paddleboard, they can also be easier to keep in your hall, garage or even in the backyard, covered, or at least tucked away from harmful UV rays.

“I always cover my boards,”; Miller said, pointing to racks of surfboards encased in heavy-duty terry cloth.

surfboards stored in terry cloth bags

When it’s time to put your surfboard into storage, always strip off the wax, Miller says. You can do this with a wax comb, or just use your driver’s license or a credit card.

Moreover, if you’re determined, take a do-it-yourself approach like Stehlik when it comes to home board storage.

“I built my old storage rack on the side of the house,”; he said. “My garage was already full and I needed more storage. The baseboards are up to 18 feet long.”;

paddleboards stored on side of garage

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